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Updated:  5/11/20 @ 10:45am PST

Dear all:

I am sure you are all slowing starting to adapt to this ‘new reality’ as best you can.  It’s been an over-used word but for sure, but ‘unprecedented’ definitely fits the definition of what we’ve all been through the past few months. First and foremost, I hope this message finds you, your family, and your friends well and residing in your safe environment having done your part to help ‘flatten the curve’ that had us all sheltered-in-place for so long.

We have all been glued to the news and depending on how deeply you chose to look into the statistics, most of us have been guided by what our state and local elected officials have set forth for us using the expert information of doctors, researchers and scientists as best they all knew/know how.  Nothing could have prepared any of them or us for the conditions we all found ourselves in since the middle part of March when this COVID-19 information started to dominate our airwaves and conversations. 

Our faith in ‘the process’ has led us to where we are now, ready to slowly re-open some of our businesses under conditions that are very clear and well-communicated to us from those same governing bodies. Not all cities/counties are addressing this the same so we have been doing our best to follow the latest news in developing our own re-opening schedule.  At this time, the schedule for our re-opening follows:

May 15 – South Coast Plaza and Waikiki:

Lunch and dinner service, all take out, no dine in seating, orders taken on-line, with third party ordering systems, or over the phone.    We are still determining whether guests will be allowed in the restaurants to compose their own takeaway order using our cafeteria line so more on this detail as information becomes clearer.

May 17 –  Sawtelle:

Lunch and dinner service, all take out, no dine in seating, orders taken on-line, with third party ordering systems, or over the phone.  We will open this way and we continue to monitor if we will be able to allow guests into the building at all.

May 19  –  Stonestown Galleria:

Lunch and dinner service, all take out no dine in seating, orders taken on-line, with third party ordering systems, or over the phone.  We will continue to monitor if we will be able to allow guests into the building at all.

June 1 –  Berkeley:

Lunch and dinner service, all take out, no dine in seating, orders taken on line, with third party ordering systems, or over the phone.  We will continue to monitor if we will be able to allow guests into the building at all.

Our locations in Downtown Honolulu, Glendale Galleria, Beverly Center, and The BLOC will continue to be closed as we monitor the market conditions that affect those specific sites.  In addition, as we re-open we will do so with a more streamlined menu, some great new tea and beverage options (Matcha Latte!), and a few new menu items that we have been working on for quite a bit of time now.  We  hope to have our guests enjoy these new items that include a new Teriyaki bowl, a continuation of our chicken katsu sando that we call The Confidential, and a wonderful new fried Harumaki roll with a ‘breakfast all day’ filling theme of eggs, diced spam, and cheese.

Our team has been working harder than ever to be sure we are not only following some very stringent guidelines but that we are also putting our staffs and our guests at the heart of our focus and coming back with an incredible attention to detail on cleanliness, safety, and hospitality.  As you might imagine, we have all missed our loyal guests and the energy they bring to our dining rooms and to our teams in general.  This re-opening schedule will get our full attention and the support of our entire executive team.  We know that you understand that our own actions have been closely scripted and that we don’t re-open without a firm, complete and confident commitment to all of the guidelines that will regulate us through the coming weeks and months.

I want to take this time also to personally thank you for your patience, your understanding, and your own commitment to following all the guidelines that your teams will share with you.  Our business is all about energy, enthusiasm and a deep, deep love of this industry that has put us in a position to continue serving our guests and growing our amazing restaurant concept!  I will be in all of the restaurant re-openings to thank you in person and I invite you all to say hello, to smile again with your teams, and to help us get back to what we all love to do.

With great respect and appreciation.

Mark H. Brezinski, President and Chief Strategy Officer


Updated:  4/19/20 @ 4:11 pm PST

Covered California Enrollment Information:   Covered California Enrollment

Updated:  4/3/20 @ 1:02 pm PST

The National Restaurant Association is encouraging Restaurant Employees to apply for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.  You can find more info here:

Updated:  3/27/20 @ 11:50 am PST

Our President, Mark H. Brezinski, recently shared this update with our entire management and executive team on Thursday, March 26, 2020:

These are unprecedented times for all of us.  The coronavirus, COVID-19, has disrupted the entire economy and the entire social structure of our country in a way that not a single ‘expert’ could have predicted or could have prepared us for.  It is unlike anything I have personally seen in my life or career in this industry in particular.

As all of you know, due to many of the local and national government mandated closings, shelter-in-place guidelines and other efforts to address the rapid and broad ranging spread of this virus, we have made the decision to close all of our Marugame Udon restaurants in our own effort to help ‘flatten the curve’ of this virus spread and to do our best to help keep our staffs and our guests out of harms way.  Along with this decision was the inevitable economic impact on each and every one in our company, including the decision to furlough all managers effective Sunday, March 29, 2020.  This means that all managers will be placed on a minimum of a six-week furlough, at the end of which time we will re-assess the situation and then make a decision if and when we can re-open. Without getting deeply into the meaning of furlough – and I encourage you all to do your own research and to do your best to understand your State guidelines – this means that you still have your jobs and that this is a temporary leave created by special economic circumstances which we are encountering as a company. All managers will be paid their accrued vacation (that is individually determined so work with Tina and Emi on this) during the furlough period.  Continuation of your health insurance through COBRA  is available and you may be eligible for unemployment benefits though your Sate application process. This decision has been made in the interest of preserving the opportunity to continue to operate this company long term and to provide ongoing employment to all of our management team should we be allowed to re-open once this pandemic passes.  So much of this is out of our control but our sincere hope/plan is to minimize the need for any permanent layoffs going forward.

We are constantly monitoring the efforts the government is making to provide emergency assistance to assist workers during this difficult time. Our website has a special section that you can access with a tab to click on, COVID-19, where you can sign up for our updates.  As we have more information that we think will help you understand the overall progress of our team and the government response.  We encourage you to sign up and we promise to provide the most recent and accurate information.

We are grateful for your patience and loyalty as we work hard to get our teams stabilized and support mobilized.  There was a time before coronavirus and there will be a time after coronavirus.  Our company commitment remains unwavered by this insidious virus and all the effects it has had on all of us, and we continue to believe in the growth and expansion of this wonderful restaurant concept.  We wish you safety, wellness, and encourage you to stay positive.  As part of our commitment to our teams, we will also be making a one-time payment of $500 to each manager during this time to help you with some of the necessities such as groceries and home supplies during your furlough time.  Finally, our hourly staff are being furloughed as well as of today, March 26.  They are being placed on a temporary, unpaid leave of absence per regulations and are also eligible for some of the same unemployment benefits through the State.  All staff and managers will receive a letter of relationship change from our company soon.

Please know we are doing our best to navigate the uncertainty we are all facing.  Know that we will do our best to re-open as soon as we are able to and that we will approach the future with positive energy and a firm commitment to our teams and our collective futures.  I do urge you to sign up on our website to keep up with the latest and I will now take a few questions if you have any.  Thank you for your time and please be safe and well during this time in our lives.

updated:  3/16/20 @ 9:00 am PST

To our valued guests and team members,

As much as we would like to continue serving our foods to our loyal fans, considering the gravity of the situation with the Corona virus outbreak, we have decided that it would be in the best interest of all of our staff and guests to shut down ALL of our California locations until further notice. We will be posting updates on our website and social media, so please do stay tuned to those channels for the latest news.

We want to make sure that we are able to help minimize the transmission of this outbreak as much as possible, which is why we came to this very hard to make decision.

We hope everyone stays safe and calm during these times of uncertainty, and we look forward to resuming normal operations for our guests once the Corona virus pandemic is under control. Our staffs and our guests are the heartbeat of our business and we make these decisions in the best interests of all of us involved together. Thanks for your loyalty and thanks for understanding.

Mark H. Brezinski, President and Chief Strategy Officer

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